Art Festival “KUTANism” is where you can see, learn about, and go around places related to Kutani ware. This year it is conducted for the 4th time, and the theme is “Travel to the Source”. We prepared various contents for you to enjoy, and we are waiting for you in Nomi and Komatsu of Ishikawa prefecture!


KUTANism supervisor
Director of Nerima Art Museum
Professor emeritus of Tokyo University of the Arts

Yuji Akimoto

©2019 KAMADO Inc.
(Photo by Yuba Hayashi)

Launched by the two Kutani ware-producing cities of Nomi and Komatsu in Ishikawa Prefecture, with the purpose of spreading awareness on Kutani ware, KUTANism enters its fourth edition. In these four years, half of the events (the second and third editions in 2020 and 2021 respectively) had to be held mostly online due to the pandemic. While we have strived to promote the charm and diversity of Kutani ware even through virtual mediums, as something rooted to its grounds of production, crafts are naturally something that cannot be fully experienced without visiting the source, and seeing and feeling the objects for yourself. This year will be the first time we hold it fully real-life since 2019. With the theme of “Travel to the Source”, we hope you can experience the full depth of Kutani at its site of production.