"Welcome to KUTANism. An art festival where you can see, learn & experience the unconventional world of Kutani ware. Enjoy the charms of Kutani ware and its productions sites in Komatsu & Nomi City, through five different programs delivered across both real and virtual spaces!"


KUTANism General Supervisor
Nerima Art Museum Director

秋元 雄史 / Akimoto Yuji

©2019 KAMADO Inc.
(Photo by Yuba Hayashi)

We have come to the third year of KUTANism's running.
An event jointly launched by the Kutani production sites of Komatsu & Nomi City, with the goal of promoting "Kutani-yaki". While last year's edition had to be held online due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are striving to have it in real life somehow or another this year.

Well, allow me to give a little background on KUTANism.
Leaving aside the debated history of Ko-Kutani (Old Kutani) from the early Edo period, it has been the western area of Ishikawa Prefecture at which Kutani ware techniques have been tirelessly passed down for over a century. Unique pieces were created across the eras in tune with the evolving trends. Along with inherited techniques, the innovations of today's artists and craftspersons continues to produce an ever-captivating world of Kutani. KUTANism serves to recall the environment and history from which Kutani ware arose, along with the achievements of master craftspeople & artists, as well as convey the charms of today's artists.

It consists of exhibitions conceptualized by curators and researchers, interviews with various parties invovled with the craft, as well as collaborations with internationally active creators that widen our perspectives to further unearth the charms of Kutani ware.
There are exhibitions from both Nakatani Shinichi, director of Nomi City's Kutani Porcelain Art Museum, and Iwai Mieko, chief researcher at the National Crafts Museum. And in continuation from last year, I will be conducting on-the-ground investigations tracing the history of Kutani. There is also an online shop through which Kutani ware can be purchased, as part of our efforts to bring you in touch with the charms of Kutani even from afar.

We bring to you an abundance of content in this year's KUTANism.



An after-movie looking back on the making and events of the 2nd edition of KUTANism, held from 24 Oct-20 Dec 2020, is open for viewing! Thank you so much to all who joined in the event!